How to get here

From Tucson, Az.

Take I-19 South toward Nogales. Enter Mexico. Continue south on Highway 15 to Magdalena. Take Hwy 54 through Cucurpe to Sinoquipe, then turn right onto Hwy 089 to Banamichi.

From Benson, Az.

Take Highway 80 south through Bisbee to Naco. Enter Mexico. Continue south to highway 2 to Cananea. Continue south on Highway 089 to Banamichi.

From New Mexico

From I-10 go south on Highway 80 through Rodeo, NM to Douglas, AZ. Enter Mexico. Continue from Agua Prieta south on Highway 2 to Cananea. Continue south on highway 089 to Banamichi.

From Hermosillo, Son.

From Hermosillo, Son.

Exit through Federal Highway 15, a little after the campus of the Universidad del Valle de México, you should turn right onto Federal Highway 14 Hermosillo-Moctezuma, you will travel about 110 km and you will arrive at Mazocahui, at that intersection you should continue right, about 60 km to Banámichi.

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